Studios are available by the hour, day or week. 

Studio 1 is 22 X 30 - $30/HR

Studio 2 is 14 X 17 - $17/HR

Studio 3 is 14 X 17 - $17/HR

Studio 4 is 14 X 17 - $17/HR

Studio 5 is 18 X 19 - $23/HR

Payment Policies

  • First time renters are asked to use a credit card or pay in cash.

  • Checks will be accepted on a renter-to-renter basis. There is a $30.00 charge for a returned check.

  • Deposit fees and due dates are on your invoice and we ask you to pay these on time.  If they are not paid by the due date, we will ask for payment in full. If you are having a problem meeting the date please call the office.

  • Running accounts can be set up after receiving payment by check two times.

  • Running accounts can make monthly payments, but we do expect them to be paid by the due date stated on the invoice